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I warmly welcome your partnership and that of others, so that the work of God will not be burdensome. God’s great commission will also go from strength to strength. Your companionship and financial support is a great delight and encouragement. You are the true joy behind ministry!
– Dr. I. S. JAMES
Kingdom Partners are persons of passion for the Lord Jesus Christ. They have come together at the instance of Dr. Iruofagha S. James, a man called by God to take the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to everyone, everywhere.
It’s a partnership involving the Lord Jesus Christ, Dr. James and anyone who appreciates God’s calling on his life, and wants to support him with their resources and prayers on a regular basis.

The Lord has designed partnership as the instrument through which the gospel will be preached in the entire world. Jesus needed the companionship and resources of some individuals to clearly make known the will and plan of God to man (Lk.8:1-3). As we look forward to His Second Coming, we cannot but adopt the same approach. We can only hasten His Coming through partnering together. Through partnering with Dr. James, you can be sure that those who do not believe will believe when they see and hear him who has been sent to them. We are talking about Dr. James. Let us pool our resources together to make the work of God grow. To reach out and show forth the power of God.

On my part, I make this commitment to daily lift you up in prayers before God’s throne of grace. I will stand along with you in prayers in times of trial and joy, and trust ‘my God’ to answer you speedily. I will daily trust the Lord to live a life of integrity publicly and privately, so that your ‘seed’ of trust and financial investment will always be on a ‘good soil’. I want you to feel free in sharing with me your moments of joy, answered prayers and your challenges too, so together we can continue to be an encouragement to one another.
From our website, and at the Kingdom Partners Table at our headquarter church or during our monthly meetings, you can make inquiries as to how you can reach me anytime.

Be assured that any letter or email sent to me will be immediately replied and your prayer requests attended to.

INTEGRITY is our watch word, and by the grace of God, you can count on the transparency and trust that has been our guiding principles to continue to shape our actions in this partnership.

As a partner, I want to believe that you will commit to the values of Integrity and Responsible Christianity. That you believe in me, and the work I have been called to do and most importantly, in God. Expectedly, you are obliged as a partner to:
1. Daily pray for me and my family in the following areas:
a. His protection as we travel from place to place preaching the word of God.
b. For wisdom to handle the affairs of ministry.
c. That the presence of God would be constant in all our meetings for a demonstration of Spirit and power.
d. That God would open men’s heart to receive His word, and that He will cause the Word to prosper everywhere it is taken for the salvation of souls.
e. For the expansion and effectiveness of our Global ministry via all the media being utilized.
2. I expect every partner to abide by every principle of the word of God as contained in the Bible, and as is being taught through CDs and correspondence, for their spiritual growth and blessing.
3. Partners are expected to sow into Kingdom Partners World Outreach. This will enable me accomplish God’s purpose locally and internationally. Please, understand that prompt and consistent payments of commitments will help a lot

The benefits of this partnership are numerous! “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him” (Ps.126:5-6).
As is natural, after sowing time comes harvest time and as you do this, the benefits of God which are unlimited are sure to be evident in your life (Gen.8:22; Eccl.11:1-6).

You can choose to sign up for an initial period of one year. This gives you the option to safely commit to making ONLY 12 payments either in monthly, quarterly or annual form, after ‘registering’ with the 1st monthly payment. Our ‘Partnership year’ starts in October and ends with the ‘Partners’ Ball’ in September around the birthday of our Senior Partner. Your first monthly commitment is an important declaration of intent. New Partners are of course, free to sign up at any time of the ‘yearly circle’. But the Partnership year comes to an end in September with that Partners’ Ball, and those willing to continue make a fresh commitment with their October payment. The first 3 months of the Partnership are crucial, as they will test not only your will but the depth and consistency of the new relationship.

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